Sad News Hits Real Madrid – Lorenzo Sanz Dies from COVID 19

[:en]Lorenzo Sanz - Former President of Real Madrid: Lorenzo Sanz -[:]

[:en]Lorenzo Sanz - Former President of Real Madrid: Lorenzo Sanz -[:]

Lorenzo Sanz was announced dead by his son on Saturday the 21st of March 2020. He struggled with recovering from the deadly COVID-19 Virus, but passed a few days after he was admitted to a hospital for treatment. At the time of his, over 1320 people were already confirmed dead from the COVID -19 virus in Spain. Just like other cases of COVID-19 deaths, it is unclear if the treatment approach provided to Lorenzo at the hospital where he died was not good enough, was provided late, or the fact that he’s within the high risk age bracket is to blame among other factors. His son noted that he was “the most hardworking and brave person he had ever known.

He also added that Lorenzo Sanz was passionate about two things – His family and Real Madrid Football Club. In the late 90’s Lorenzo is believed to have lead the Spanish football club – Real to winning championships after a 32-year long streak of no wins. Spain is also one of the hardest hit European countries with a high COVID-19 infection rate, with over 28200 infected people.  We send our condolences to his friends and family. We’re sure he’ll be missed. Whether rich, poor, famous, or infamous, COVID-19 is outright deadly and has no respect for human life regardless of one’s social status.
Step up your personal hygiene and practice social distancing.

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