President Trump Declares a State of Emergency in the U.S., Intensifies Travel Ban due to Coronavirus Pandemic Effects

On the 13th of March 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency within the United State, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Death counts resulting from Coronavirus, has since surged from about 523 persons in the first week of February to 2170 COVID-19 infected persons by February 13th 2020 within the United States. This catapulted the U.S. to 9th place, among countries with the most infected persons, right after France. After the first weeks of the viral outbreak in the USA, food hoarding and overstocking of supplies has left many grocery stores with empty shelves, due to the panic resulting from anticipated quarantine measures.

As the panic goes on, the Trump administration expressed during a press conference held at the White House, that it has been working closely with biotech companies within the USA and China to provide COVID-19 testing kits to individuals seeking testing within the US territory. On the other hand, not all persons willing to voluntarily get tested is granted the opportunity to do so, as most of the testing kits available are reserved for persons who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to the COVID-19 virus, and those who are just returning from foreign countries where the virus is present.

Medical experts pointed out during the first few days of the outbreak within the U.S. that the availability of the tests kits would be helpful to identify just how much effect the virus has on the entire U.S. population. However, some medical experts believe that if the testing kits have been delivered earlier and made available to everyone interested in getting a test done, then it would have a more positive influence on curbing and containing the spread of the Coronavirus to unaffected persons.

Regardless, pending the ability of medical officials to curb the spread of the virus within the US – other measures; such as travel restrictions to and within the US are being put in place. Non-US passengers travelling from European countries would not be allowed entry into the US, while US citizens would be asked to observe a voluntary quarantine for a period of two weeks. Major sporting and entertainment events are bein cancelled or postponed across the country.

As of today March the 13th 2020, seventeen states have closed down high-schools, universities, and nurseries/kindergartens. Employers such as Google and Twitter has since asked most of their employees to work from home and some schools also provide online classes to students studying from home. A majority of U.S. Government employees are also working from home.
Regardless, of the political divide that might arise with respect the up-coming US elections, now is a time to reunite, find, and apply lasting solutions to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The government alone is not entirely responsible for controlling the pandemic situation and the spread of the virus.
We strongly encourage you to practice social distancing as the COVID-19 virus symptoms are not immediately visible on infected persons.
Wash your hands properly with soap very often and practice preventive hygienic habits regularly.

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