How to Choose the Right CBD Products

How to Choose Your right CBD product

In this article, you will discover:

  1. The types of cannabis, products that are made from it
  2. How to choose your right CBD product

Based on the results of research by scientists from around the world, we will analyze each of the well-known CBD products and find out why and how they are used. We will also figure out who is suitable for a certain type of cannabis and for what purpose it is used.

Let’s briefly analyze which varieties of this plant are. There are medicinal cannabis varieties that are distinguished by their high purity and high concentration of active substances.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant species of various varieties including marijuana plants and hemp plants. These plants produce over 400 compounds (the most basic of which we will cover in this article). It is these compounds that are used for medical purposes.

An important compound is cannabinoids, active chemical compounds unique to cannabis plants. They are also active substances in various cannabinoid products that have therapeutic and other beneficial effects.

Further, cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found naturally in the stems and flowers of the cannabis plant. And it can be extracted independently of other cannabinoids. This type of cannabinoid is often used as an oil.

Another common cannabinoid in the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is known for its psychoactive effects. It is also used in medicine to influence the mental state of a person, for example, this type of cannabinoid can cause a state of euphoria. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the only psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. The level of its content determines the intensity of the effect when consumed.

According to its psychic effect, this plant is subdivided into Indica and Sativa varieties.

Sativa variety

Sativa is a complex of features of psychotropic effects. By “sativa” is meant the ability of cannabis preparations to have a psychostimulating and disinhibiting effect on the cerebral side. Sativa is used for relaxation, stress relief most often. Pure “sativa” is rare in nature, mainly in specially bred varieties. Most varieties combine sativa and indica complexes in various proportions, which are determined empirically during a tasting.

They are found to be effective against specific diseases. For example, sativa marijuana is known for its ability to relieve migraines.

Indica variety

Indica is a complex of features of the psychotropic effect of a plant. Indica has a general calming physiological effect with pronounced analgesic and sedative effects. Pure indica is also rare in nature, mainly in specially bred varieties.

These compounds are used to produce CBD products. Let’s take a look at what types of CBD products are out there today.

Vienna scientists noted in a study on cannabis compounds that legal cannabis products include, inter alia, cannabis seeds, cannabis seed oil and cannabis essential oil.

Scientists also noted that there are illegal cannabis products and are divided into three main categories: cannabis plant matter, cannabis resin, and liquid cannabis (cannabis oil). This is because cannabis is not legal in all countries of the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at CBD products used for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis products are made from a highly heterogeneous natural product and processed depending on the specific purpose of the application of this product.

Cannabis seeds and oil are used to make CBD products. Research from Vienna shows that cannabis seeds and cannabis seed oil are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Cannabis seed oil is a clear yellow liquid. By weight, the seed is approximately 29 to 34 percent oil. 100 g of cannabis seed oil contains about 19 g of alpha-linolenic acid. Due to the content of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 in a 3: 1 ratio cannabis seed oil is a high-quality nutrient.

However, due to its high unsaturated fatty acid content, this oil will quickly go rancid if not stored in a dark cool place. The seeds themselves are THC free, however, there may be other cannabis particles in the seeds (for example, flower tops, hulls, or resin particles), which may result in some THC being detected.

During these studies, cannabis essential oil was found to be a clear, yellowish liquid. It is obtained from freshly cut cannabis plants by steam distillation. The essential oil does not contain THC, but it gives cannabis products their characteristic odor. Cannabis essential oil is also the basis for creating a CBD product.

If we go to a store that sells CBD products we will see oil, capsules, vapes, inhalers, paste, nebulizers, capsules, and even cosmetics.

When is CBD oil used?

CBD oil is used in the treatment of epilepsy. It reduces the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures and does not have the negative side effect of other medications. There is a cannabidiol-based specialty drug for the treatment of epilepsy, Epidiolex, which was approved by the FDA in 2018. Accordingly, it can be concluded that for people with this diagnosis, CBD-based oil will help fight this disease.

The consumption of CBD oil leads to an improvement in a person’s mental state. For example, it helps fight feelings of anxiety.

CBD oil can help relieve pain

American studies show that 11.2% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Of these, 17% suffer from severe pain every day. Since pain is often a consequence of inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can be a natural treatment and pain relief option. At the same time, there will be no negative effects such as those from other medical pain relievers.

The medications that are used to treat Alzheimer’s disease have side effects. Recent studies have shown that CBD products can reduce these effects and strengthen the nervous system.

CBD has been scientifically proven to have the ability to reduce nausea and increase appetite in those suffering from these disorders. These symptoms are also characteristic of cancer patients.

Research has shown that CBD oil can stop the spread of malignant cells and be effective in reducing cancerous growths in the body.

For people who have decided to quit smoking, CBD oil will also come in handy. CBD oil can help relieve withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person quits cigarettes.

CBD oil can also help treat type 1 diabetes by reducing the inflammation of the pancreas (which causes diabetes) that occurs. This allows you to better cope with the disease.

There are various forms of taking CBD oil. Many of them are stereotyped. And some may be a discovery for you. Let’s list them.

CBD Directly oil

CBD oil is the most popular form of CBD currently available. It can be taken orally or used topically, depending on your needs. For example, when a muscle is stretched or bruised, you can apply it to the area of ​​the body where the pain is felt.

CBD Vaping

CBD E-vaping liquid, inhaled through a vaporizer like vapor. This method allows you to quickly absorb CBD in the body, through the lungs. This way of using CBD has a drawback. There may be mild shortness of breath.

CBD Tinctures

CBD drops. For oral administration, a few drops are placed under the tongue for 90 seconds. These drops can be combined with other extracts.

Add CBD oil to food

CBD oil or powder can be added to everyday foods. This consumption of CBD provides the same benefits as other forms. You can simply bake cookies with CBD oil. In the form of a food additive, CBD is also used in the form of candies, gummies, syrup.

CBD Creams

CBD creams are topical for treating unwanted skin conditions. To reduce the signs of skin aging, to improve skin tone and elasticity, or to treat acne. Creams are often used in cosmetology. Also in cosmetology, there are products with CBD content such as lipsticks, balms, lotions.

CBD Capsules – gel soft and vegan

CBD capsules are also used for medical purposes. This method of application is simple and well known. The capsule is taken with water.

The most common uses for CBD oil are listed here. Technologies are improving, CBD is becoming more and more popular in the world, the territory of legalization of CBD is expanding and it is not surprising that in the future scientists will invent new ways to deliver CBD into the body.

Having considered the most popular ways to use CBD, the question arises: “Which way is right for you?” There is hardly a definite answer to this question. The situations are completely individual and the chosen method depends on the individual characteristics of the person, his height, age, weight, health status, and, naturally, on the purpose he pursues using CBD.

If a person has problems with the lungs, then this should be taken into account when choosing a vaping method. As stated earlier, vaping or smoking can cause mild shortness of breath. If there is local pain in a specific area of ​​the skin, it is logical to use an ointment or balm on the damaged area. If your goal is to improve the condition of your facial skin, then CBD creams and lotions will help you accordingly. If your goal is to relax before sports training, then it makes sense to take a capsule or inhale the vapors of CBD oil. In this case, the body will relax and the training will be easy. In the case of muscle stretching, or relieving dyspnea pain, it makes sense to apply a local balm or ointment to the area where there is pain.

It is best to choose the method and dose in consultation with your doctor. It is very important to consider that an overdose can even cause attacks of paranoia. Therefore, the dose should be controlled and you should be clear about why you decide to take CBD and what effect you want to get.

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