How & Where to Get COVID-19 Testing in The UK

Several governments around the world are already making attempts towards controlling and containing the spread of the Coronavirus. The UK is one of several countries leading the way to provide COVID-19 testing to people with reduced person to person contact. Corona virus testing in the UK includes offering an online healthcare professional contact directory, which also includes addresses of designated laboratory locations where samples can supposedly be received via mail. We are not sure about how this situation should work out as this is an emerging process in response to the current Coronavirus Pandemic around the world. However, this is a unique effort from the government to assist with curbing the situation. We urge all citizens and persons at large residing in the UK who may have travelled to countries with confirmed COVID-19 infection cases, or may be experiencing any of the Coronavirus Symptoms to reach out for information on how to conduct a confirmation test.

Do not underestimate the possibility of contracting the virus as you may be putting yourself, loved ones or neighbors at risk of contracting the virus. Whereby, increasing the chances of spreading the virus further.
If you are currently living in the UK and desire to have a COVID-19 test done, you can contact government designated laboratory by CLICKING HERE to see or use the directory.

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