Coronavirus incubation period: Why 14-day Recommendation Period Might be Wrong

coronavirus incubation period

A study conducted by Chinese researchers in Wuhan, China on the incubation period of the Coronavirus outbreak shows that the human incubation period could extend up to 24 days. Considering this fact, it would be necessary to initiate an extended period beyond the common 14 day benchmark. The minimum Coronavirus incubation period according to the study is 3 days. Coronavirus has affected both men and women but more men than women. The incubation period according to the research might be based on several factors. However, one thing is certain, we all have different immunity levels. Those with lower immune systems exhibit shorter incubation periods and people with higher immune systems longer incubation period.

Transmission of corona virus disease 2019 during the incubation period may lead to a quarantine loophole. (2020, March 8). medRxiv. – Learn more about Coronavirus symptoms

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