Coronavirus Cases and Treatment

The Good news about coronavirus is that it is curable. Although, no vaccines have been developed at this time, scientists are currently working on developing one in the nearest future.

Currently Chloroquine and sometimes Tamiflu are two of the prescribed medications administered to recovering patients among other medications. On the other hand, early detection and treatment of the COVID-19 virus will increase recovery chances. It is highly recommended that treatment is administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Other factors such as, age and the presence of other ailment may have a weakening effect on the immune system of the host patient. Age seems to be another significant factor in coronavirus cases. Its been indicated that the younger the patient the higher his or her chances of recovering from the infection. The older the patient, the lesser his or her chances of recovery. This is attributed to the fact that seniors have a weaker immune system compared to younger people.

Some people who mistake the COVID-19 symptoms for cold or flu might become critically ill before getting the right treatment. Therefore, as it affects the lower respiratory tracts, resulting in lung infection, shortage of breath and thus, suffocation. Patients who exhibit shortage of breath are also treated with the necessary medications and the provision of oxygen supply and breathing masks to aid breathing. For patients with pre-existing illness such as, staphylococcus, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or other illnesses, they would require a different treatment approach as they are considered high risk patients.

Try not to fall sick. See prevention tips for more information on how to avoid getting infected with COVID-19.


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