CBD and Alcohol, can you mix?

In this article, we will look at the question of whether alcohol is compatible with CBD and what the consequences of this may be, drawing on research from specialists in the field of cannabis research.

Research in the USA, the results of which indicate that in 2014 more than 30,000 Americans died of alcohol-related causes. No deaths reported from cannabis use. Looking at data from a 16-year study of more than 65,000 Americans, published in the American Journal of Public Health, healthy cannabis users do not die earlier than healthy people who do not use CBD. Studies show that people are much more likely to use nicotine and alcohol than cannabis.

Let’s take a look at the effects and effects on the human body of alcohol and cannabis separately. Scientists believe that alcohol slows down the heart rate, and cannabis speeds it up, which, if overdose, can negatively affect the heart. And darker, a January CBD report from the US National Academy of Sciences noted that there is not enough evidence to confirm or deny this fact. The claim that cannabis can increase the risk of heart attack is unfounded. Worth noting that moderate alcohol consumption, one drink per day, has been associated with a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. James Nichols, director of Alcohol Research UK, told the Guardian that these results must be taken with a grain of salt because “all protective effects are offset by episodes of high alcohol consumption.”

The effect of alcohol on the body

Studies have shown that alcohol has a devastating effect on the central nervous system. It changes the work of nerve cells, penetrating them. Every second patient with alcoholism has an affected cardiovascular system. Alcohol affects the pancreas, affects the liver, stomach, esophagus. Hardest hit by alcohol are the human brain and liver.

This happens in the case of alcohol abuse. And what happens to the body if you abuse cannabis. Here’s what the scientists conclude: in the course of many studies on the effects of CBD on the human body, scientists have concluded that the abuse of this substance is addictive, and increases the risk of developing severe mental disorders such as psychosis, mania, and schizophrenia.

When consumed in moderation, cannabis has a positive effect on the nervous system, immunity and reduces anxiety. In the Netherlands, an experiment was conducted, the results of which showed that drinking CBD can reduce aggression, and alcohol provokes this. With moderate alcohol consumption, the cardiovascular system can be maintained, and with controlled cannabis use, human health can be maintained.

So what happens when you combine cannabis and alcohol consumption?

By using cannabis and alcohol at the same time, their active substances produce a stronger effect than they work separately. Fans of the cocktail of cannabis and alcohol note that alcohol greatly increases the psychoactive effects of CBD components, leading it to the critical point of dissociation.

The effect of the combination of alcohol and CBD.

The person loses control over the situation, orientation in space and side effects such as paranoia and nausea. Drinking cannabis with a high dose of alcohol instead of the desired relaxation effect may result in side effects. If you want to combine cannabis and alcohol, then it is better to use cannabis first, and then alcohol. Why is this so? Scientists have an answer to this question. Studies have shown that changing the order of alcohol and cannabis consumption creates a load on the esophagus and is accompanied by bouts of nausea. Taking cannabis in moderation and then alcohol, in order, can avoid side effects.

When these two substances are combined, regardless of the order of consumption, it reduces sensitivity and a person can lose control over himself and exceed the dose of alcohol or cannabis consumption, which will lead to other negative consequences, which we will discuss later.

A study from Duke University in the USA found that young rats under the influence of alcohol and CBD were less likely to be active than those under the effects of either cannabis or ethanol. The same study found that adult rats who received the alcohol / CBD combination had more problems remembering new objects than those who were given only one of these substances. That is, when combining alcohol and cannabis, it is noted that the one who used these substances in a bowl is less active than the one who used them separately, it is also worth noting that the perception of new objects and information is dulled. When using cannabis and alcohol at the same time, the active substances increase their effect.

Risk of addicted on a combination of cannabis and alcohol.

Scientists note that CBD is not physically addictive. When you quit cannabis, there is only psychological discomfort. Alcohol in this sense is more dangerous. Systematic use causes metabolic disorders and the body’s refusal to function without another dose of alcohol. This means that physical dependence arises.

Psychological addiction of a person to cannabis occurs faster than to alcohol. The fact is that cannabis gives a relaxing effect, which is naturally pleasant for a person. The systematic use of alcohol relieves the feeling of a hangover, which is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. There is no withdrawal or hangover from using cannabis, so physical addiction does not occur. In search of new sensations, a person can mix these drugs. In this case, psycho-physical dependence may form. This is the risk.

In the course of research in the United States in 2014, it turned out that the dependence of the effect of an alcohol-cannabis cocktail on the body of a particular person depends directly on the genetics and physiology of the body. Scientists have noticed that this dependence exists, since many consumers, having experienced the severe effect of the cannabis-alcohol mixture, refuse to further psychoactive toning with the components of the two products.

At the same time, another small group of cannabis lovers prefers enhancing the dissociation effect by adding alcohol. From this we conclude that people who have tried a heavy cannabis mix cocktail are more likely to refuse it, preferring to use them separately, because the effect of their combined action was frightening for them. And the small group remains a fan of this cocktail.

Side effects of the cannabis alcohol cocktail.

Negative consequences occur directly due to an overdose of these substances. Let’s start with hemp. In case of an overdose of cannabis, there is blanching of the skin, the manifestation of severe sweating and fever. Also can occur dizziness, nausea and an attack of paranoia. When mixed with alcohol, the possible result is loss of control and bouts of aggression.

CBD and Alcohol, can you mix? Scientists have no logical and unambiguous answer to this question. The consumption of such a cocktail is the personal responsibility of everyone who wants to taste it. To experience new sensations is why they try this mix. So how do you use this mix wisely? Scientists have some recommendations on this question: calculate the correct dose of cannabis and alcohol, in no case prevent an overdose, and, as mentioned earlier in this article, initially use cannabis, and then alcohol to avoid irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is also worth considering the anti-emetic properties of cannabinoids, the sedative effect of cannabis, the opposite of the psychological effects of cannabis and alcohol (complete relaxation from cannabis and the stimulating effect of alcohol).

In conclusion

Scientists note that the only healthy combination of cannabinoids and alcoholic stupor is CBD alcohol tincture. The effect of such an elixir is similar to both of the original substances. It is a third state that does not hit the head as hard as drunk cannabis.

In this article, we’ve looked at the factors that can arise when mixing cannabis and alcohol. We are not promoting the use of this cocktail. The article is informative and whether it is worth trying this mix is ​​a personal decision of the person.

We have acquainted you, the reader, with the effect of its consumption. They also talked about the negative consequences in cases of overdose. After weighing the pros and cons – the choice is yours. Be healthy and happy, reader.

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