8 Ways Your Sleeping Spot is Messing Up Your Sleep Joy

Adequate sleep is as crucial as getting enough food. We need to have enough sleep, in order to function properly as humans, our productivity relies on how much rest we get on a regular basis. Sleep deprivation, increases the risk of heart disease, causes fatigue, anxiety and in some cases panic attack. With that being said, let’s check out the “8 Ways Your Sleeping Spot is Messing Up Your Sleep Joy”

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  • Bedroom Look
    Your bedroom should look pleasant enough for sleep. You just don’t want a place to dose-off. You want a place of rest. Maintain a pleasant bedroom look.
  • The Smell
    If your bedroom or the mattress in your sleep spot smells like you picked it up from the dump yard. You might want to get a soothing scent in place and change your mattress. Accumulation of body fluids like sweat, urine, blood, and other spilled food or drinks in a mattress would lead to unpleasant smell in bed.
  • The Feeling
    The way you feel about your sleeping spot attributes to how much deep sleep you get if you get any sleep at all. If you don’t get a sense of relief and relaxation in your sleeping spot, you might not get as much rest you deserve from your sleep.
  • The Comfort
    How comfortable you make your bed and bedroom is relative to how much comfort you will feel in there by yourself or with someone else. If your mattress looks sloppy and sinks on one side, hard on the other, a terrible sleep experience awaits until your bed looks and feels comfortable.
  • The Discomfort
    If your mattress has discomfort issues, such as bedbug infestation, super-hard texture, or super-soft texture; you might end up dosing-off, but wake up with body aches. There are quality mattresses available on the mattress market today that are not necessarily tagged as “orthopedic”.
  • Ventilation
    A well Ventilated room would always have a rich oxygen supply. Make sure your sleeping space is well ventilated before you go to sleep. The lack of abundant oxygen supply in your sleeping space can result in a morning head-ache, nightmares, or constant rolling and tossing, leading to interrupted sleep.

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  • Your Attitude
    How you treat your sleep space is essential to your ability to dose-off in bed or laying there dead stock in your thoughts. Your bedroom or sleeping space should be a place of comfort and relaxation – not your work station. Your bedroom should be reserved for two activities – sex and sleep. Avoid work devices, such as phones, calculator or computer in your bedroom when going to bed.
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  • Your Mattress
    A mattress with the wrong texture or made up of the wrong materials can cause discomfort. Your mattress should be right for your body weight. Your mattress and bed size should accommodate both you and your spouse if you share a sleeping spot. A queen size mattress or king size mattress are the perfect size for couples. Your height, body size and how much sleeping room you desire on your bed.

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  • Your Pillow
    An over-stuffed pillow could result in a very bouncy feel. Worst of all, resting your head on the wrong pillow could result in neck or shoulder, and back muscle pain. Check the pillow height, texture and its composition before making your choice.

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